Spiritual testimony

To strengthen in his daily existence the concepts of love towards others and helping those in need, one must look to the generosity deeply rooted in his soul; hence indulging the aspirations of his less fortunate neighbor. Once assimilated these needs, one must work to fulfill them. Through this active involvement comes the solution to be shared among many to the problems of beings. This furthermore exalts the ethic and the choral response to the numerous and acute requests forwarded by life’s situations.

The categories of those aspiring and deserving financial as well as moral aid are vast and varied:

  • Children without support and in need of medical assistance, especially in Third World Countries;
  • The ill who are impoverished, and in need of expensive medical treatment;
  • Elderly in need of care and assistance;
  • Worthy students showing particular skills but unable to sustain education costs, the help is also intended to steer them towards specialization.

For each of these categories, Fondazione Enrico Castellini has designed and regulated the modalities of support needed for direct actions – compatibly with the available funding – following an examination of the aid’s return and effectiveness.

This is the fundamental message at the base of Enrico Castellini’s spiritual testimony conveyed in the mission exercised by Fondazione Enrico Castellini in his memory..