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Testimonianza Shiju A.

To whom-so-ever it is concerned,

This is to state that I am in contact with Signor Paolo Castellini, the director of the Foundation: Enrico Castellini, for the last 7 years. I had occasions to meet him personally after having known abaut the humanitarian and charitable services he has been rendering to the people in need, through his Foundation.

It was through his generous intervention that a few kids from India are pursuing their studiens. He has been very kind to help some of them find jobs and thus able to help their families. I also know that Signor Paolo Castellini helps many in the Dark Continent.

As a person committed to the cause of the poor and needy, it is only fitting that he gets the benefit of the Church in whatever way possibile. I also take this opportunity to thank him for the valuable services he renders for the children of India through my mediation.

May God bless him as well as his Fondation.

Fr. Thomas Peringalloor, SvD.

Gentilissimo Dottore,

“Ask, it shall be given to you. Seek, you shall find. Knock and the door shall be open to you”, Lk 11:10. Trusting in these words of our Lord, I knocked at your door and you did not disappoint me. I knew, I knocked at the right door and ask to the right person. The following lines express my immense gratitude to your Foundation which lighted a lamp on the path of a few, who were groping desperately for a silver lining in their lives. I began my work in Collegio S. Pietro, in August 2004. Obviously there were some who requested financial help for their various needs. It was not possible for me to give them a positive response. Two cases were genuine cry for help. There was one Shiju, who had to leave the Seminary formation after completing his philosophy, because as he is the eldest of a large family, and his father is sick and is not able to work anymore. The heavy burden of looking after the family which does not have any regular income prompted Shiju to leave the Seminary and look for some job. It is not easy to find a job if one is not qualified. Hence, he got admission for a mail nursing Course in Mangalore, India. He needed a financial support very badly and thus he pinned his hopes on me as I was known to him as the rector of the Seminary from where he left the priestly studies. It was providential that my good friend Siby brought me in contact with Pro. Vittorio Laghi, one of the board members of the Foundation. He took me to the President of the Foundation Dott. Paolo Castellini, who welcomed me warmly. I did not have to explain much as he was well informed of my request by Pro. Laghi himself. Soon I realized that the President is a man who sees through the words, as obviously, my Italian was not in anyway, explaining everything I wanted. He understood me well. I felt he was deeply human. I also took the privilege to explain the second case were some urgent help was needed. I was asked to help a family where the father is a terminal T.B. patient who has three daughters. The father is bed ridden and the mother is finding it hard to earn a living with the meager income she gets by doing odd jobs. She is unable to buy medicine for her husband. The girls need to study, but that too needs money. And finally they approached me through a Benedictine nun who knows me. Thus, Prof. Paolo assured me of the Foundations’ policy to support genuine cases. He kept his word. Today I am so happy that with the help of the Foundation, two families are able to smile. Happiness and life have come into their lives. May the Foundation be blessed and continue its service to the needy for a thousand years to come.

Con stima e riconoscenza

P. Thomas P..

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