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Testimonianza Deepthi M.C.

Dear Sir,

Greetings from Kerala/India. I am writing these few lines to express the deep sentiments of gratitude and affection of the children who are your beneficiaries. This academic year too, became very fruitful and sunny, thanks to your valuable intervention in thier student lives. I bring all their thanks and good wishes.

Ocassionally I do meet them and am well informed of their progress. I am sure they are in earnest with their studies. Deepthi is progressing well and am confident that in a couple of years she will be able to find a job and make a living. Its really great for a girl who is so talented and hard working. The other children are also doing their best. I shall be in touch with as soon as I get their progress reports.

Am sending a copy of this letter to Fr. Thomas too. He had written to me to inform the Foundation of the reception of the help and the progress of the children in their studies.

Wishing the Foundation every blessings and assuring our humble prayers.

P.P. Philip (Local guardian ).

Dear Foundation Enrico Castellini,

Warm regards from India. Also the best wishes of 2010. May the New Year bring you all peace, joy and prosperity.   This little note is also to thank and inform you that the money sent for the children was dully collected and distributed. Deepti had to be given Rupees. 50, 000/- and so the other two had very little. As Deepthi is doing the nursing course, she needs the same amount every six months. I shall explain to them the difficulty.   Thanking you once agian in the name of the children and their parents and with the assurance of our prayers for you,

Sincerely Yours

Philip. P. P.

Dear Respected Sir,

Greetings and warm regards from India. Its long time since i wrote a letter towards the eternal city, ie., Rome. Hope and pray that you are keeping good health by the grace of God.   I would like to inform you that i had sent the performance report of Jomy and Jismi along with Fr. Thomas Peringalloor, as he came for his summer vacation. Unfortunately i could not get the report of Deepthi, as they postponed their examination to November. It is due to the involvement of people in authority. Poor students have to pay for the lack of vision of those involved in the administration.   However, Deepthi has to pay for the new accademic year in the month of november. I shall send the report as soon as she finishes her exams and get her report. I know that she is doing well in her studies. All the three children will need to pay for their tuition fees and the other requirments. Hence may i ask you to do the needful the earliest possible.   am also sending a copy of this letter to Fr. thomas. Thanking you sincerely for your kind and generous assistence which i extent also in the name of the children and their parents. Sincerely Yours,

Philip. P. P.

local guardian.

Dear il Presidente, Dott. Paolo Castellini,

It is with deep sense of gratitude and love that i write these few lines in the name of Deepti and her mother Elsy Chacko. As your kind and generous help reached them today, they looked immensely joyful. I did feel the hand of God working in mysterious ways as He reaches out to the poor and the needy through generous people like you. Personally, i too feel so happy that Deepti can pursue her studies and make a life for herself. Today i went with the mother and daughter to the Western Union Bank, and collected Rs. 49741 which is of course, not enough for the registration. we shall wait for the second installment. Once again, a million thanks for the kind and timely help. They also thank Fr. Thomas for the mediation due to which Deepti can continue her studies. With every good wishes and sincere Thanks,

26 luglio 2008

P P Philip.

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