The Foundation

The Fondazione Enrico Castellini promotes relief initiatives to assist needy people and those afflicted by particular difficulties.

Financial aid is distributed directly (hence with no intermediaries) to interested individuals, in accordance with our Statute, in the form of expense contributions, grants, scholarships, volunteer work, project endorsement; both locally and abroad.

We have enthusiastically inherited the legacy left by Notaio Enrico Castellini in his spiritual testimony: his deep belief that anyone can hear the call for help, and come to the help of those in need, each with the means at his disposal.

The examples shown in the Notaio Enrico Catsellini’s lifetime achievements have been numerous, constant and highly discreet.

We intend follow in his footsteps, singling out and carrying out support actions for situations and needy individuals, in the full respect of people’s dignity, and according to the heritage bestowed by Notaio Enrico..